Kid Chemist Kits

Kid Chemist wants to help your children continue to LEARN and LOVE science from home! Kid Chemist kits are awesome hands-on experiments delivered to your door!

Some Of Our Experiments


pH Experiment

Testing different liquids on the pH scale can be very magical.

Snow Experiment

Creating a snow-like substance is an endless time of fun.


Potassium Nitrate Crystals

Creating crystals right from your kitchen with this incredible compound.

Science Balloon Experiment

Learn to blow up a balloon using a chemical reaction.

Elephant Toothpaste

This is a crowd favorite! A scientific reaction that is sure to wow your kids.

Lava lamps

Watch an eruption occur in a bottle right before your eyes.

We’ve Got You Covered

Kid Chemist kits include our awesome hands-on experiment, supplies, gloves, Kid Chemist manual, designed worksheets, and answers/explanations for parents. We want to continue to allow kids to mimic a lab-like environment while performing these experiments at home. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe with Kid Chemist kits!
Ages 3-14